Virtual Rally

First Virtual Rally

Alhamdulillah, by the grace of Allah, Majlis Khuddamul Ahmadiyya Canada held its very first Virtual National Talim Rally.

The theme of this year’s Rally was “Developing a Relationship with Allah”

With humble efforts, Khuddam have dedicated many hours working tirelessly over the few weeks and especially the 2 days before the Rally. There was a large number of volunteers from across Canada who participated in various aspects of the organization of this Virtual Rally, as well as 20 judges who conducted the various educational competitions.

By the Grace of Allah, this was a unique event, as it was the first time Majlis Khuddamul Ahmadiyya Canada conducted a National Virtual Talim Rally. The event was entirely virtual and enabled participants from all over Canada to take part, from British Columbia to Atlantic Canada.

The National Virtual Talim Rally commenced on Saturday October 10th 1PM, with the Opening Session chaired by Sadr Majlis, addressing Khuddam on the topic of establishing a living relationship with Allah Ta’ala.

The highlight of Day 1 of the Virtual Rally was the Question and Answer Session with Respected Amir sahib Jama’at Ahmadiyya Canada and Respected Missionary Incharge sahib. During this engaging and informative session, Khuddam from across Canada got the opportunity to ask many kinds of questions pertaining to religion, social issues, economics, world affairs, and the system of Jama’at.

By the grace of Allah, 4 workshops were streamed on the topics of:
· Finding Employment During the Coronavirus Pandemic · Timely Marriage and the System of Rishta Nata
· Mental Health
· Keeping Fit During the Pandemic
Similarly, being a virtual event, there were various new video panel discussions hosted and paneled by members of National Majlis Amila, Local and Regional Qaidin on various topics, including their experiences during the past year.

Other notable elements of this year’s Virtual Talim Rally were the Mushaira – which was conducted in both English and Urdu – and the Bai’t Bazi competition.

By the grace of Allah, with the humble efforts of the Publicity Team, and especially Regional Qa’idin, and Qa’idin Majalis, by the end of Day 1, the Virtual Rally had been viewed by over 4000 unique viewers.

We are thankful to our Regional Qaidin and Qaidin Majalis for their dedicated and humble efforts to engage Khuddam.

Closing session of the National Virtual Talim Rally was chaired by Respected Abid Khan sahib, who is serving as International Press Secretary. We are very grateful to Respected Abid Khan sahib for taking time from his very busy schedule to join us today.
We pray that may Allah Ta’ala enable this Virtual Rally to be a source of blessings and lasting self- reformation for all Khuddam. Ameen!