The Tabligh Department prepare and engage Khuddam in conveying the message of Islam throughout the communities. The department ensures that members are adequately prepared and inspired to carry out the message of Islam to a wider audience through individual, public and electronic media preaching.

  • Train and involve Khuddam in Tabligh activities.

  • Encourage Khuddam to spend at least one full day in Tabligh activities during a month.

  • Arrange to distribute Tabligh literature to at least 15% of your neighborhood.

  • Hold question & answer sessions with non-Ahmadi friends on a regular basis.

  • Encourage Khuddam to invite friends and neighbors at their homes to discuss religion in an informal atmosphere.

  • Prepare responses to comments about Islam and Ahmadiyyat as published in various media and submit to National Markaz for approval.

  • Build a team consisting of assistant and in-charges to manage various activities related to preaching.